Barren Baltimore

On a photo assignment with The Park Advocate in Baltimore, Maryland.  We spent a considerable amount of time capturing images for stories showing just how “unkept” certain areas of our city look.  Along the way we met some lively characters and observed a variety of different living conditions. Images speak volumes.  If you would like to follow some of these stories please visit The Park Advocate link – and as always feel free to comment both here and on their page.


3 thoughts on “Barren Baltimore

  1. S:

    We are proud to have you and your good work associated with the park advocacy movement in Baltimore.

    Chris T. Delaporte
    The Park Advocate

  2. Quite stark.. I really like this photo for its ‘fit for purpose’. There are so many elements in the picture that it is easy to be drawn from one object to the next. At first glance I did not notice the overgrown footpaths, so obvious when I did notice. Be interesting to see if this area has been redeveloped or if the neglect has spread.

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